What is must be like to be Chloë Grace Moretz

ChloMo is a kickass in herself. There are a handful of sweet-ass blonde teens in the industry today, but she stands out to me.

I rarely get envious of peoples lives, because, I sort of a assume everyone has skeletons stacked up in their closet. But. Frankly. I kind of want to be her. 

All American Christian Georgian Chlo totally would have guys giving her jewelry before she slept with them. She would totally order fresh star-fruit in her trailer everyday and get it. She would totally drop acid at Bonaroo and get to go on stage and dance with the Lumineers. She’s an angel-princess hybrid.

Reasons I want to be ChloMo:

  •      She started in the realm of drama and horror. Two of my guilty pleasure genres catapulted her to fame. Not Disney, but guts. (Did I mention she’s going to be Carrie, as in they’re re-making CARRIE!?)
  •      She’s worked with Johnny Depp (Dark Shadows), Nicholas Cage (forget all y’all whom hate on NCage, you’re just looking for someone to hate), and as a brat in that JGL tearjerker (500) Dayz.
  •      Oh yeah she guest appeared in that thing Drew B and Best Coast directed together.
  •       And that’s just the beginning.

Chloe if you love me they way I’m infatuated with you pucker your baby porcelain doll lips and neva stop shaking ya teen babe bonez.


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